Different Types Of Filters Used In OWS

 Type of Filters used in OWS 
   Coalescence type:
  1.    Hydrophilic material i.e. glass wool.
  2.    Absorbs water rather than oil.
  3.    Has to be renewed after certain periods.
    Absorption type:
  1.   Oleophilic material
  2.   Absorbs oil rather than water.
  3.   Frequent replacement is not required.
High rate of separation is favored by:
       > Large size of oil globule.
       > Elevated temperature of the system ( i.e. lowers viscosity of oil, density of oil-water but oil is higher).
       > Residence time.
       > Avoidance of turbulence or agitation.
       > Laminar or stream line flow.
       > Low viscosity of oil globule.

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