Starting and Stopping Procedure of Oily Water Separator (OWS)

> Get the permission from bridge (duty officer should know if OWS is running new ships having OWS master breaker on bride)
> OWS overboard manual discharge valve is to be kept locked and keys are to be kept with the chief engineer or master. 
> Open the lock and overboard valve
> Open all required valves for the operation
> Open the desired bilge tank valve from which the oily water mixture is to be discharged from OWS
> Open air if the control valves are air operated
> Switch on the power supply of the control panel and OCM unit
> Fill the separator and filter unit with fresh or sea water to clean up and prime the system until the water comes out from the vent of the second stage
> Close the vents
> Start the OWS supply pump
> Monitor the OCM for ppm value and keep checking sounding of bilge tank from where the OWS is taking suction
> Also check the sounding of the OWS sludge tank
> A skin valve / sample valve is provided just before the overboard valve and after the 3-way valve. Keep a check on the sample for any effluent and clarity
> Keep a watch on the ship side at the overboard discharge valve
> Monitor the sounding at frequent intervals.

> When the operation of bilge water overboard is finished, flush the OWS with sea / fresh water for at least 10 minutes
> This is done to ensure that the oil mixture which resides in the separator may be prevented from getting decomposed
> Open the oil drain valve manually and discharge the separated oil from the separator as much as possible
> Turn off the electric / pneumatic supply for 3 ways and also of the drain valves
> Turn off the power supply of oil content monitor
> Flush the oil content monitor with fresh water and clean the same
> Turn off the electrical supply to the bilge pump and shut its valves
> Shut all the valves in the bilge pipeline going to the OWS
> Lock the overboard valve
> Inform bridge and  Switch off the breaker from bridge
> Keys should be handed over to the chief engineer
> Entry is to be made by the chief engineer in the oil record book, along with the signature of the operating Engineer, the chief engineer and the master

You Can Answer Following Procedure
> Describe the operating procedure of an oily water separator?

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