Fuel Oil System Diagram on Ship with Diagram Marine Diesel Engine

 The diagram below shows a Fuel oil supply system for a large 2 stroke crosshead engine

              In the system shown in Figure, the oil from the service tank flows through a three-way valve to the supply pump. After that it goes to the mixing column through a filter and flow meter.  A flow meter is fitted into the system to indicate fuel consumption. From mixing column Circulation pumps pump the oil through heaters and a viscosity regulator to the engine-driven fuel pumps. The fuel pumps will discharge high-pressure fuel to their respective injectors.

              The viscosity regulator controls the fuel oil temperature in order to provide the correct viscosity for combustion. A pressure regulating valve ensures a constant-pressure supply to the engine-driven pumps, and a pre-warming bypass is used to heat up the fuel before starting the engine.

              A diesel oil service tank may be installed and is connected to the system via a three-way valve. The engine can be started up and manoeuvred on diesel oil or even a blend of diesel and heavy fuel oil. The mixing tank is used to collect recirculated oil and also acts as a buffer or reserve tank as it will supply fuel when the daily service tank is empty.

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