Marine Purifiers Construction, Parts

   Most of the purifier constructions are almost the same but you can find slight differences according to the manufacturers.


  It is the exterior framework which is normally made up of cast iron which supports the internal bowl and disk parts and carries water line, feed line, and outlet line connections.

Electric motor

  Purifier is driven by electric motor, which  drives the various components, such as Bowl, Nodge(rotating counter), Tachometer, Gear-pump(via pinion gear) etc

The Horizontal Shaft or Belt Drive

  In some designs, an electrical motor drives the horizontal shaft through the clutch pads and is used for transmitting the rotational motion to bowl assembly.

   In some designs ( alfa laval purifiers), a special belt having elastic character is used in place of the horizontal shaft assembly.

Vertical Shaft

  The Vertical shaft is used to transform the electrical motor output into rotational motion for rotating the bowl at high speed through spur gear and horizontal shaft or belt. The material used for vertical shaft construction is an alloy of steel

Clutch or Friction Pads

  If we couple the electric motor directly to the bowl assembly motor it may get overloaded because of its heaviness.

Bowl and disc stack 

   Bowl is the solid central part of a purifier, which contain disc stack, sliding bowls, arrangements for desludge etc

      Number of conical discs are fitted and covered by the conical hood, disc stack centrifuges contain conical sheets of metal called discs that are stacked one on top of the other with clearances as small as 0.3 mm.

Paring disc

It is a stationary impeller mounted in a chamber at the neck of the bow. Its function is to convert the rotating energy into a pressure head.

Gravity Disc

 Also known as the damn ring it is fitted on top of the disc stack to create an oil-water interface based on density difference. It is another disc fitted at the neck of the bowl converting rotational energy into pressure energy

Water Paring Disc 

This paring disc is fitted beneath the bowl and manages bowl opening water and bowl closing water.

Blind Disc 

Blind means no hole. It is used in the conversion of purifiers into the clarifier. It is at the bottom of the disc stack.

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