General Procedure For Purifier Starting and Stopping

 Manual Starting

Before Start

> Make sure that correct gravity is fitted in the machine.

> Brake is released

> Oil level in worm gear housing is correct

> Open the operating water valve

During starting:

> Ensure the lines are set and the respective valves are open.

> Start purifier supply pump ( If attached pump then you can avoid this step)

> Start the motor and note down the current during starting 

> If heavy vibration occurs during the run up, stop the machine and check the assembly and cleaning of boul.

> Check the speed wait to attain the rated speed

> Check the separating temperature of the oil and adjust to the rated value

> Close the bowl by opening the valve for closing water.

> Provide the liquid seal by closing the water valve and open valve for feed of sealing water for a time of 90 to 95 seconds.

> Set the alternative valve to feed or dirty oil to the machine.

> Adjust the suitable through-put by means of regulating valves.

> Adjust the back pressure by the means of valve and pressure gauge.


> Stop the oil supply to the purifier by closing the oil inlet valve (a 3-way valve where closing of oil inlet opens the recirculation to the heater)

> Open the sealing water for a short duration just to displace the oil left inside the separator

> Desludge by opening the water valve. This will open the bowl and all the sludge will be discharged through sludge ports into the sludge tank.

> Stop the heater by closing the steam inlet valve

> Stop the supply pump and purifier (in attached pump, stop purifier motor)

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