Procedure for Alternator Overhaul

 > Start Standby generator take onload
> Shut down the generator prime mover and lock off the starting system and engage turning gear.
> Lock off the circuit breaker and isolated the alternator electric heater. Tag the label on the switchboard “men at work”.
> Open the air ventilator and change the air filters
> Inspect the tightness of terminal connection and insulation.
> Check the bearing oil level and condition. Change or top up if required
> Clean the cooling air intake filter and exhaust opening.
> Clean the rotor and stator windings by means of vacuum cleaner with rubber hose and nozzle.
> If the oil is deposited on the surface of the winding, open the drain plug and then removed by special degreasing liquids. (Electro cleaner)
> Measure the air gap clearance between rotor and stator. (Carefully at lower part)
> Baking the alternator with a lamp. Keep a temp not more than 43°C
> Disconnect the neutral point from the terminal box.
> Measure insulation resistance between – rotor to earth, phase to earth, stator to earth, phase to phase
> It is must at least one mega-ohm, if mega reading has reasonable value, the windings are to be covered with high quality air drying insulating varnish.
> Let it dry for quite some time
> Reassemble all necessary parts. 
> Check no load running, the synchronizing and loading.
> On load, practically check for excessive temperature in windings and load sharing stability when running in parallel.

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