What Planned Maintenance is Done on a Generator?

  Before starting any maintenance work on the alternator, all safety precautions should be taken and the alternator should be shut and locked down. Also, post notice and play cards on relevant places and alternator heaters to be isolated.
> Clean the alternator ventilation passage and air filter.
> Check the Insulation resistance of stator and rotor winding.
> Air gap between stator and rotor to be checked and maintained between 1.5 to 2 mm. 
> Automatic Voltage Regulator to be checked and cleaned off oil and dust.
> The lube oil level of pedestal bearing to be maintained and renewed as per planned maintenance.
> A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dust accumulated in the inner parts of the alternator.
> The terminal box cover gasket to be checked for proper oil and water tightness. All the connections in the terminal box to be tightened properly.
> Cable gland to be checked for integrity.
> Forced Ventilation around the alternator must be maintained all the time. Check the heater for proper operation.
> The foundation bolts of the alternator to be checked for tightness.

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