Basic Terms In Marine Refrigeration System

 Which Refrigerants Used Nowadays?

       Freon 11&12 are CFC and are banned now; Freon 22 are HCFC and can be utilized by 1 st Jan 2020; and only HFC-133, HFC-134, HFC-404 will be in use later

What is relative humidity ?

> Ratio of amount of water vapour in given volume of air, to maximum amount of water vapour that can be present before precipitation occurs.

> It is the mass of water vapour per unit volume of air compared to the mass of water vapour per unit volume of saturated air at the same temperature.

What is critical temperature ?

> Critical temperature is the temperature above which it is impossible to liquefy the refrigerant regardless of pressure.

> It should be as high as possible and certainly above the maximum expected condenser temperature.

What is saturated air ?

The air contains maximum weight of water vapour at the particular temperature.

What is superheating ?

Keeping refrigerant at a temperature above the saturated temperature.

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