Oil In Cascade Tank (Hot well) Cause And Action

> Most probable cause is leaky fuel oil heaters. Any leaks in oil heaters leads oil in cascade tank.
> Deck cargo tank steam line leak

> Reduce load on boiler
> Keep a watch on Observation tank oil level
> With proper PPE Open top cover of Cascade tank.
> If less oil, drain it from top or add a chemical that breaks the oil infine particles.
> If more oil, manually remove it by absorband pads or remove it by weldon pump from top.
> In no case emulsified water to go in boiler.
> Once leak identified shut down boiler if necessary.
> Shut the I/L valve to Atm. Condensor.
> Check Atm.Condensor drain for oil traces in atm. Condensor.  If yes flush it completely.
> Check boiler water condition from sampling line. Find out if any oil present in boiler.If yes Do a Scum blow down.
> Take a sample again, if oil traces that means boiler too much contaminated, then completely blow down the boiler.
> Make sure Of MARPOL ANNEX 1 in this case.
> Oil content to be <15 ppm Or  We would have to drain in Bilges or Collect it in a seperate drum then give it to Port reception.
> Flush clascade tank after cleaning
> Flush Boiler with FW
> Check cascade water samples
> Once all samples ok Take water in cascade tank 
> Take water in boiler
> Do Cold firing
> Increase the load slowly 
> See how much time it takes for the steam to rise.
> If it takes more time, that means oil is still present and will take more time to raise steam.
> Proceed further according to action req.

How to Find Out Leaks
> If ER leak check heaters= open heater drains and confirm.
> If ER tanks heaters leak = open the steam trap drain and confirm.
> If Deck cargo tank steam lines leak = open return lines and check on deck.
> If a Observation tank is given on deck, then check there.

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