Certificates Carried Onboard Ships

For all ships
1. International  tonnage certificate
2. International load line certificate
3. International load line exemption certificate
4. International ship security certificate
5. Intact stability certificate

6. Damage control booklet
7. Minimum safe manning document
8. Certificatea for masters officers rating
9. International oil pollution certificate
10. Oil record book
11. Shipboard oil pollution emergency plan
12. Garbage management plan
13. Garbage record book
14. Cargo securing manual
15. Documents of compliance
16. Safety management certificate

Additional certificate for passenger ship
1. Passenger safety certificate
2. Exception certificate
3. Special trade passenger ships space certificate
4. Search and rescue co-operation plan
5. List of operational limitations
6. Decision support system for Masters

Additional certificate for cargo ship
1. Cargo ship construction certificate
2. Cargo ship safety equipment certificate
3. Cargo ship safety radio certificate
4. Cargo ship Safety certificate
5. Exemption certificate
6. Document of compliance with the special requirements for ship carrying dangerous goods
7. Dangerous goods manifest or stowage plan
8. Document of authorisation of carriage of grain
9. Certificate of insurance
10. Enhance safety report file
11. Record of oil discharge monitoring and control system for last ballast voyage.
12. Bulk carrier booklet.

Additional certificate for noxious liquid chemical tankers
1. international pollution prevention certificate for carriage of noxious liquid substances in bulk
2. Procedure and arrangement manual
3. Cargo record book
4. shipboard marine pollution emergency plan for Noxious substances.

Additional certificate for chemical tankers
1. International certificate of fitness for the carriage of dangerous chemicals in bulk

Additional certificates for gas carriers
1. International certificate of fitness for the carriage of liquid gases in bulk


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