Muff Coupling Explained

  • This coupling consists of two sleeves one inner and one outer sleeve.
  • The inner sleeve has a bore diameter slightly more than shaft diameter surface of inner sleeve is tapered and this tapper is matched on the bore of the outer sleeve.
  • Nut and sealing ring is used to close the annular space at the end of outer sleeve.
  • When the coupling is in position the outer sleeve is hydraulically driven on the inner sleeve. For that, oil is supplied 200 bar oil at two points for forced lubrication and 300 bar oil for driving the outer sleeve.
  • When the outer sleeve reaches required position the forced lubrication pressure is released and drained. Now hoses are disconnected and plugs are fitted.
  • We can check the coupling by measuring the outside diameter of the outer sleeve; it should match with figure stamped on sleeve.

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  1. mahanam mukherjee : Where is this muff coupling placed? what problems might occur inthis coupling?

    1. it is a device used to connect two shafts together. usually used as an alternative for flange couplings in the tailshaft.

  2. In automobile cars with rear wheel transmission system which type of coupling used to the connect propeller shaft ?

  3. Please give me answer with some proofs....wothin 3 days....

  4. can you kindly explain the procedure, if the coupling doesnt readily comes out and the possible reasons for the same.


  5. Check hydraulic pressure for separation and push up in the maker manual
    Check for any hydraulic leakage
    Check correct grade and correct viscosity of oil used
    Check for misalignment of shaft using dial gauges and turn the shaft to check any bending direction and then lift the coupling accordingly to remove any load on coupling

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