Air Compressors, Refrigeration & A/C Important MEO Class 4 Topics

Air Compressors
    > Basics of single stage air compressor with pv diagram
    > Draw and explain 2 stage air compressor
    > Bumping clearance, Significance, value(Imp)

    > What will Happen If the bumping Clearance low/high(Imp)
    > Air compressor PV diagram
    > Volumetric efficiency of air compressor? Reason and reamodies of drop in volumetric efficiency 
    > Fusible plug, location and its purpose(Imp)
    > Compressor unloader and its purpose
    > Tandem type compressor
    > Parameters of air compressor
    > How to test compressor relief valve
    > Inlet and discharge valves
    > Air compressor safeties(Imp)
    > Difference between air compressor crank case LO and refrigerator crank case LO(Imp)

     > Intercooler Vs Aftercooler In Air Compressor



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  1. Sir i would like to add one more question in refrigeration section..
    Oil in the refrigerant
    Leaky suction valve and discharge valve

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