Main Engine Important Topics Meo Class 4

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      >Ideal Cycles for IC engines(Otto cycle, diesel cycle, Dual cycle)(Imp)
      >Main Engine Component Materials
Tie Rods
      >What is Tie rods? diagram And Functions of tie rods?(Imp)
      >How to Use hydraulic jack in Tie Roads
Cylinder Head
      >Mountings in cylinder head(Imp)
      >Different Cylinder head tests? Procedure(Imp) 
      >How do you remove cylinder head?
Piston Ring
     >Type of piston ring
     >Function of piston rings, Scrapper rings(Imp)
     >Why do we measure clearances? How to take clearances? Values(Imp)
     >Piston ring calibration. Axial clearance, butt clearance, radial clearance.
     >What is Blow-past, causes, Remedies
       >Draw piston diagram (Imp)
       > piston cooling arrangements and telescopic pipe
       >If a piston has suffered damage/crack, how is the main Engine Unit out off?
       >Why does a Piston seize? What action will you take if Main Engine Piston is about to seize?
       >What will you check if piston cooling and jacket cooling temperatures start going high?
       >What are the symptoms of piston crack and liner crack? 
       >What action will you take? State the symptoms at of piston running hot.
       >State the symptoms at of piston running hot. Piston cooling oil outlet temp high
       >How to remove piston?
       >How will you check bent in connecting rod
 cylinder liner
       >Cylinder Liner Checks During Scavenge Inspection
       >Why Liners are Generally Thinner at the Bottom than at the Top ?(Imp)
 Stuffing Box
     >Stuffing box components
     > What is the difference between stuffing box drain oil and scavenge space drain oil?
Telescopic Pipes
     >What is Telescopic pipes(Imp)
     >Why are telescopic pipes used for oil lubrication?
Exhaust Valve
      >Diagram, Working(Imp)
      >Exhaust temp of one unit is high; what could be the reason?
      >Why do we Blow through Engines? Procedure
      >Do two stroke engines need tappet clearance adjustment?
      >What is after burning and what are its symptoms?
      > How do you come to know an exhaust valve is leaking in any cylinder’?
      >Black smoke From engine.(Imp)
      >.Exhaust valve opening. Overhaul
      > How exhaust gas temperature increase after the exhaust manifold. why?
       >Procedure for taking bottom end bearing clearance(Imp)
Crank Shaf
       >Crank shaft deflection, Measurement, Procedure(Imp)
Crank Case
     >If water is found in crank case LO, what could be the cause?
     >Crank case relief door with diagram(Imp)
     >How will you test the opening pressure of a crank case relief door?
     >What will you check in crane case inspection?(Imp)
     >Setting pressure of crankcase relief valve? Relationship between area of relief valve and volume of crankcase.
      >What is crankcase explosion? Causes, Prevention and action taken?(Imp)
Fuel Pump
     >Diagram, components, Function, working(Imp)
     >Puncture Valve function, working
     >Why fuel timing is important? How is checked and adjusted?
     >How to lower and raise the plunger of fuel pump
Fuel Injector
     >Diagram, components, Working(Imp)
     >What is the difference between fuel valve opening pressure and fuel injection pressure?
     >How is a fuel injector tested onboard?(Imp)
     >How do you know come to know starting and ending of injection of fuel?
Jacket Cooling
      >Draw and explain Main engine cooling system      
      >Why is an expansion tank provided in jacket cooling water system?(Imp)
      >What is TBN in lubricating oils(Imp)
      >Values of TBN for main engine crankcase oil?
      >Why is LO of different TBN used for M/E cylinder oil and Crankcase oil?
      >Properties of LO in Main engine Crank case And cylinder oil(Imp)
      >How will you draw out LO samples for analysis and what information is in the test result?
      >What is Hydrodynamic lubrication?
      > Describe lubricating systems of Main Engine with diagram.
      >Cylinder Lubrication is admitted on which Stroke ?
       >What are the types of Scavenging’? 
       >What is scavenge fire? Causes, Prevention and action taken?(Imp)
       >Scavenge space inspection (Imp)
Turbo Charger
Start Air System
      >Air starting diagram(Imp)
      >Starting interlocks on Main Engine.(Imp)
      >Give reasons for main engine not starting on air.
      >Safeties provided in starting air system
      >Sulzer Air Start Distributor
Automatic Master Start Air Valve
       >Diagram,Function and working(Imp)
Starting Air Valve
       >Diagram, Function and working(Imp)
       > Starting air valve leak testing  (Imp)
        >Manoeuvring diagram
        >During Manoeuvring if automatic air starting valve gets seized, What action will you take
        >What is Crash maneuvering? From where we do the crash maneuvering? 
Stern Tube
     >Sketch stern tube lubricating oil system.(Imp)
Thrust Block
     >Trust block diagram?(Imp)
     >What is the role of the Thrust block?
     >Where it is placed with reason?
     >If thrust bearing lubricating oil temp. is getting higher, what action will be taken by you? 
        >Main engine Safety Device And Safety Trips(Imp)
        >Main Engine Materials(Imp)
        >Causes of of Shut down and slow down of Main engine(Imp)
        > Hydraulic Locking (Hydrolock) Of Main Engine
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