Why CO2 Bottles Are Provided With Dip Tubes?

              Have you ever thought why Co2 bottles are provided with dip tubes!!! you have the answer here. You may know that only 2/3 of the bottle is filled with liquid Co2 rest is gaseous Co2.
             If the dip tube is not there, at the time of releasing the gaseous Co2 flow out first and the remaining liquid will try to get latent heat of vaporization from its surroundings ie, from outer liquid Co2.  After giving away the heat, the outer liquid Co2 will freeze forming dry ice which will remain inside the bottle with out releasing.
            If dip tube is there, only liquid is drawn during release. The liquid expands after the nozzles by absorbing latent heat from surrounding atmosphere and assumes the gaseous state. This will prevent co2 freezing and blocking the nozzle.

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