Auxiliary Engine Important Topics


>Why concentric springs fitted for A/E cylinder head valves?(Imp)
>How to Identify Auxiliary engine Inlet And Outlet Valves?
>What is Tappet Clearance How to Check and Adjust Tappet Clearance?(Imp)
> Valve Materials
>Draw piston and Explain Parts
> Piston cooling arrangements
> Piston removal Procedure

Piston Rings
>Explain  Piston rings 
>Piston ring Clearances How to check it? (Imp)

Fuel Injector 
>Diagram And its Parts? (Imp)
>How will you o'haul a fuel injector? Opening pressure

And Fuel Pump

>Diagram, Components, Function, Working


>Procedure For Starting An Auxiliary Engine
>What are the trips and alarms in Auxiliary Engines?(Imp)
>If an A/E does not start what will be your action?
>Explain Decarb
>Auxiliary engine Air starting line Diagram
>Where is a thrust bearing installed in an auxiliary engine? And why?

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