Meo Class4 Purifiers And Clarifier Important Topics

> With the help of a diagram Explain principle and working of Purifier
Difference Between Purifier and clarifier
How to Convert Purifier Into Clarifier 

Trips And Alarms In Purifier(Imp)
> Explain the Selection Of Gravity Disc Of purifiers (Imp)
If density of oil increases,What will be the size of gravity disc?Explain
> Where Pilot valve is located? Function? Working (Imp)
> What is Blind disk in Purifiers?
> What is weak link in Purifier? location? Function?
> How & Why back pressure maintained in Purifier? 
> Explain Manual Starting, stopping and Desluging of purifiers
> Routine Checks, Maintenance Normal Parameters 
> Why lube oil in purifier is not heated above 90 degree celcius?
> Draw Vertical And Horizontal shafts.   
> Purifier Overhauling 
> Checks to be carried out on purifier vertical shaft

> Purifier not desludging reasons and action.
> Purifier overflowing action, reason, remedies.


  1. Can you please explain function of pilot valve?

    1. plainly speaking, pilot valves help to seal the closing water because of centrifugal force. It also helps to drain the closing water when the opening water acts on it...


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