Oily Water Separator (OWS) And Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Important Topics

Oily Water Separator (OWS)
> Principle And working of OWS with the help of diagram(Imp)
> Draw Bilge line from bilge well to overboard
> Starting And Stopping Procedure for OWS
> What is the reason for keeping the OWS always filled with water after use?
> Working of OWS 15PPM alarm and testing? What liquid is used for checking 15ppm Alarm of OWS?(imp)
> How to test OWS three way valve?
> Why there is a vented loop or Anti-siphon tube after OWS and before overboard Valve?
> Why bilge pump is a positive displacement pump not a centrifugal pump?(Imp)
> OWS overhauling and maintenance


> 15 PPM alarm is coming continuously reasons and remedy ?
> What will be your course of action if 15 p.p.m alarm is showing 20 p.p.m in OWS even after passing clean water through it?

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) 
> Explain Working Principle of STP with the help of diagram(Imp)
What is BOD ( Biological Oxygen Demand)?(Imp)
> Why anaerobic bacteria is not used in STP?
Why there is a vented loop or Anti-siphon tube after STP and before overboard Valve?(Imp)
> What are the tests in STP

> Reason for STP blower failure and Action taken
> Reason for grey colour discharge from STP?


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