Meo Class4 Pumps Important Topics

> Different type of Pumps on board ship

Centrifugal Pump
> Principle and basic components of centrifugal pump with Diagram(Imp)
> Explain Working of Mechanical Seals with Diagram(Imp)

> How will you improve centrifugal pump efficiency?
> How to check centrifugal pump shaft trueness?
> Pump Shaft alignment method And Procedure
> Purpose of lantern ring in centrifugal pump?
> Use Of wear ring in centrifugal pump
> Net Positive Suction Head, NPSHR and NPSHA(Imp)
> Centrifugal Pump Characteristics 
> What is Cavitation? Indication of cavitation and actions(Imp)
> Why does centrifugal pump not have relief vv?
> Overhauling of centrifugal Pump And Checks (Imp)
> Why centrifugal pump cannot be used in OWS? 
> Checks And Starting Procedure for a centrifugal Pump
> Basics of multistage centrifugal pump. Why? where it is used?
> What are things you will consider while selecting a centrifugal pump

Positive Displacement Pumps
> Gear pump overhauling and checks

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