SOLAS Life Raft Requirements And Safeties

General Life Raft Requirements 

> Designed in a way that it should afloat 30 Days in any sea conditions.
> Construction of the life raft and its fittings must withstand towing at a speed of 3 knots in calm water with full loading by people and equipment and with one of its sea anchors.
> If life raft is thrown at height of 18 m the cover should not break and after inflating if a person jump at the height of 4.5 m on it the canopy should not be damage.
> Inside of the liferaft to be of a non-discomforting colour
> It should admit sufficient air for the occupants at all times, even when the entrance is closed
> It should be provided with at least one viewing port
> It should have provision of collecting rain water
> There should be a provision of mounting Search and rescue transponder at a height of atleast 1m above sea level.
> It should have sufficient headroom inside the canopy for the sitting occupants 
> Minimum carrying capacity must be at least 6 persons
> Maximum weight of its container, as well as the equipment, should not exceed 185 kilos
> The life raft shall be fitted with an efficient painter of length equal to minimum 10 metres plus the distance from the stowed position to the waterline in the lightest seagoing condition or 15 metres, whichever is greater
> A manually controlled lamp shall be fitted on the top of the canopy and the light shall be white and it must operate for at least 12 hours with a luminous intensity of not less than 4.3 candela

> Pressure relief valve
> Stabilizing pocket
> Two layer insulated canopy.

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  1. What are the uses of stabilizing pockets in life raft and where it is located?

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