D.C.P Fire Extinguishers on Ship, Working, Procedure to Use, Maintenance

 > Use-------------------------Class A,B,C,D And Electrical

> Working principle--------Smothering effect

> Safety----------------------Safety pin and relief hole

> Duration of working------3-4 meter jet length for 20 sec

> Contain-------------------Inner shell:Co2 60mg(vary as per weight and capacity)

                                      Outer shell:4.5Kg of DCP powder

     DCP Powder = Sodium Bicarbonate + Magnesium Stearate 

> Body-----------------------Solid drawn steel and internally zinc coated.

Procedure to Use

    > Identify the fire 

    >Carry extinguisher nearby the fire

    >  Keep Extinguisher towards the fire

    > Remove the safety pin and strike the plunger to pierce the co2 cartridge

    > Co2 will escape to main shell and push out powder in the form of FOG

    > Extinguish the fire

    > Careful of wind direction


>Check hose outlet and clean
>Check safety pin in position
>Check exterior for crack or any damage and clean it
>Check the label are on place
>Check pressure needle on green zone
>Check internally
>check for chocking of powder
>It must be inverted once in a month to avoid chocking
>Weight of cylinder

>1/3 of total number of extinguishers should punt into operation for evaluation of satisfactory performance 

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