Mechanical Foam Extinguishers On Ship, Working, Procedure to Use, Maintenance

 > The construction of this type of extinguisher is the same as that of C02 Gas expelled type of water type extinguisher. Instead of water, it contains foam compound mixed in water in the ratio mentioned by the supplier

> Gives smothering effect to fire

> Used for volatile petroleum, paint, oil Type A, B fire

> Safeties are relief hole and safety pin

> Construction: body, Solid drawn steel and internally Zinc coated

> Cartridge CO2 74 mg ( it will different as per weight and capacity of cylinder) at 36 bar pressure

> A.F.F.F = 97 % and WATER= 3%

> A.F.F.F- Aqueous Film-Forming Foam Concentrates

> 6 meter jet length for 60 second

> Hydraulic pressure test 05 years


>Check nozzle
>check relief hole
>Check safety pin in position
>Check exterior for crack or any damage and clean it
>Check the label are on place
>Check plunger
>check spring
>check gas cartridge
>Check internal
>Weighing the cylinder

>pressure test at 35 bar before recharging

Procedure to Use

    >Identify the fire (Class A or B)

    >Carry extinguisher nearby the fire

    >Keep Extinguisher towards the fire

    >Remove the safety pin and strike the plunger to pierce the co2 cartridge

    >Do not allow foam to strike on the surface of burning liquid

    >direct the form to vertical walls so that foam runs down the side and blanket the liquid.

    >Extinguish the fire  

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