Fire Triangle & Fire Extinction

 Fire Triangle

The fire triangle or combustion triangle is a simple model for understanding the necessary ingredients for most.

It illustrates the three elements a fire needs to ignite: heat, fuel, and an oxidizing agent (usually oxygen). A fire naturally occurs when the elements are present and combined in the right mixture.

A fire only needs 16% Oxygen in order to react with the heat and fuel.

Fire Extinction

  A fire can be prevented or extinguished by removing any one of the elements in the fire triangle. The for basic fire fighting methods are given below

Starving: It involves cutting off the fuel or burning material, thereby isolating one side of the fire tetrahedron.

Smothering: It involves the removal of oxygen, which is essential for a fire to burn

Cooling: It aids in reducing flammable vapours

Inhibition: It is a process where the fourth side of the fire tetrahedron is isolated, thereby stopping the chain reaction process.

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