What is fire? Classification of Fire

 What is fire?

It is a chemical process of combustion involving the oxidation of a fuel source at a high temperature. It releases energy and produces heat and light.

Fuel + Oxygen + Heat = Fire

Class Of Fire

According to International Organization for Standardization Classification as follows

Class A fires – combustible materials: caused by flammable solids, such as wood, paper, and fabric

Extinguishing: Class A fire mostly extinguished by water. Class A fire can be smoother by water blanket, glove hand etc.

Class B fires – flammable liquids: such as petrol, turpentine or paint

Extinguishing: Use Foam, D.C.P, Co2

Class C fires – flammable gases: like hydrogen, butane or methane

Extinguishing: Use D.C.P 

Class D fires – combustible metals: chemicals such as magnesium, aluminum or potassium

Extinguishing: Use D.C.P

Electrical fires – electrical equipment: once the electrical item is removed, the fire changes

Extinguishing: Use Co2 & D.C.P

Class F & K fires – cooking oils: typically a chip-pan fire 

Extinguishing: Use Foam, Co2

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