Fireman's Outfit SOLAS Regulation

 SOLAS Chapter II Regulation 17

 A fireman's outfit consists of a set of personal equipment and a breathing apparatus:

Personal equipment

It consists  of,

> Protective clothing of material to protect from heat, fire, burns and scalding by steam. The outer surface shall be water-resistant.

> Electrically non-conducting material Rubber Boots and gloves 

> A rigid helmet

> An electric safety lamp, capacity 3hr

> An axe

Breathing apparatus

> A self-contained compressed air-operated breathing apparatus capacity 1200 l, or at least 30 min. 

> All air cylinders for breathing apparatus shall be interchangeable.


> A fireproof lifeline of at least 30 m in length shall be provided for each breathing apparatus

> Strength of statical load of 3.5 kN for 5 min without failure

> lifeline attached by means of a snap-hook to the harness of the apparatus

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