Water Fire Extinguisher On Ship, Working, Procedure to Use, Maintenance

 > Water fire extinguishers are filled by water up to the mark inside, then pressurized with CO2.

> Extinguish the fire by cooling ie, removing heat from fire triangle

> Used for Carbonaceous Type A fire

> Safeties Relief hole and Safety pin

 > Made up of  Solid drawn steel and internally Zinc coated

> Cartridge Contain CO2 74 mg ( it will different as per weight and capacity of cylinder) at 36 bar pressure

> Water 9 ltr minimum

> Duration of working 6 meter jet length for 30 second

> Duration 90 sec

Procedure to Use

 >Identify the fire (Class A)

> Carry an extinguisher nearby the fire.

> Keep extinguisher towards the fire.

>  Remove safety pin and strike plunger to pierce the CO2 cartridge.

> When it will pierce the pressure created on the upper part of the container and water from the dip tube will pass and be thrown as a Jet spray.


>Check nozzle
>check relief hole
>Check safety pin in position
>Check exterior for crack or any damage and clean it
>Check the label are on place
>Check plunger
>check spring
>check gas cartridge
>Check internal
>Weighing the cylinder

>pressure test at 35 bar before recharging

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