What is FSS Code? Purpose, Chapters In FSS Code

 > Fire Safety System Code (FSS code) provides international requirements for the Fire Fighting appliances, required by chapter II-2 of SOLAS Convention

> Came into force on July 2002


> FSS code is to provide international standards of engineering specification for fire safety system present onboard

The Chapters in FSS code are as follows.

Chapter 1-General definitions: In this chapter, all the important terms are defined clearly for better understanding.

Chapter 2-International shore connection: Detailed requirement of international shore Connection

Chapter 3– Personal protection: Details of Requirement of personal protection Equipments. It also deals with the requirements for EEBD 

Chapter 4– Fire Extinguisher: This chapter deal with portable fire extinguishers

Chapter 5– Fixed gas fire extinguishing system

Chapter 6– Fixed foam fire extinguishing system

Chapter 7– Fixed pressure water and water spraying system

Chapter 8– Auto sprinkler, fire detection and fire alarm system

Chapter 9– Fixed fire detection and alarm system

Chapter 10– Sample extraction smoke detection system

Chapter 11– Low Location Lighting system: This chapter deals with specification for requirements of lights in low location areas like tank top, duct keel etc.

Chapter 12– Fixed Emergency fire pumps

Chapter 13– Means of Escape: Deals with Emergency escape

Chapter 14– Fixed deck foam system

Chapter 15– Inert gas system


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  1. is the SOLAS chapters and FFS code different or same

    1. No Solas chapters are not same as FSS code chapters

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