Fire Control Plan on Ship Content, Location, Symbol

Fire control plan provides all the information about ship's fire fighting systems, fire alarms, escape routes, types of bulkhead etc. Fire control plan is a mandatory requirement of SOLAS described in regulation 15 of chapter II.      In the case of a major fire it is very useful for port fire fighting team to refer and understand the ship's fire fighting system and  restrict the fire.
        The fire plan should be available in the working language of the crew on board and also in English. All the crew members should know the symbols in the fire control plan

International Shore Connection for fire fighting, Dimension, Diagram, Symbol and Regulation

Have you ever thought what will happen if the ship's fire fighting system is fails at the time of fire! What will you do in this eventuality, if there is no coupling to connect with the shore fire fighting system?

Foam Fixed Fire Fighting System In Ships With Line Diagram

         Foam fixed fire extinguishing systems are very effective and popular fixed fire fighting system in marine field. Foam gives smothering and cooling effect to the applied area. It can be used in open areas like deck as well as closed areas like engine room. Below you can see a typical line diagram of fixed foam fire fighting system.

Checks And Maintenance For Foam Fixed Fire Extinguisher Sytem

> Check all valves for the freeness, and check whether it is in correct position, either normally open or closed.
> Check whether the markings on the valves are visible
> Check the level of the foam liquid storage tank.

Why Discharge Valve Closed During Starting of Centrifugal Pump ?

 >By closing the discharge valve, we can reduce the starting current

>As you know,the current will be high during the starting of any motor. If you start the pump with discharge valve open, the discharge head will act on the pump ie, more resistance, so the motor has to give more starting torque to the pump which means more current is drawn by the motor. 

What Is Volumetric Efficiency? Reasons And Remedies of Drop In Volumetric Efficiency?

It is the ratio of the quantity of the air taken inside the cylinder to the stroke volume.

Volumetric Efficiency= Volume of the air taken/Stroke Volume

Single Stage Air Compressor Basic Theory With PV Diagram Explanation

Basic theory of air compressors 
         When the piston moves from BDC to TDC air gets compressed, as a result, pressure increases and therefore volume decreases. The work done to compress the air is converted to heat energy in the air so that, the air temperature is increased. 

What Are The Safeties In Starting Air Line?

            Different safety devices are installed on starting air line, inorder to prevent explosion.

Procedure for Boiler Blow Down or Scum Blow Down (Scumming)

                   Boiler blow down is carried out to remove contaminated boiler water, carbon deposits or any impurities in the boiler water. Blow down can be done in two ways; scum blow down or bottom blow down. 

Bulbous Bow Function, Advantages, Uses and Location

                  Bulbous bow is a projecting globule situated at the bow of a ship just underneath the waterline. Bulbous bow  reduce the hull wave making resistance of a ship, which is the major residuary frictional resistance of the ship.