Procedure for Boiler Blow Down or Scum Blow Down (Scumming)

                   Boiler blow down is carried out to remove contaminated boiler water, carbon deposits or any impurities in the boiler water. Blow down can be done in two ways; scum blow down or bottom blow down. 

Bulbous Bow Function, Advantages, Uses and Location

                  Bulbous bow is a projecting globule situated at the bow of a ship just underneath the waterline. Bulbous bow  reduce the hull wave making resistance of a ship, which is the major residuary frictional resistance of the ship.

International Bulk Chemical Code (IBC Code)

               Both SOLAS Chapter VII (Carriage of dangerous goods ) and MARPOL Annex II (Regulations for the Control of Pollution by Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk) conventions require all chemical tankers should comply with an IBC Code.

Preferential Trip On Ship With Diagram

Preferential tripping
           It is the tripping of non essential loads when an overload occurs on a generator. When the generator becomes overloaded, the preferential trip relay gets operated with an alarm to trip the selected non essential loads.

Three Element Drum Level Control System In Marine Boilers

Boiler Feed Water Control System  
        In marine boilers , the feed water is controlled by measuring 3 variables mainly, water level in boiler drum, Steam flow and feed water flow. So this system is called Three Element Boiler Water Level Control System .

Fuel Injector Leaking Causes, Indication, Action

Fuel Injector leaking causes, Indication, Action  
              Because of the repeated operation leads weakening of springs, erosion and enlarging of atomization hole, wear of needle and nozzle seats etc causes the fuel valve leaky may requires immediate overhaul. 

What is blow-past In Marine Engines? Causes and Remedies of Blow past

What is Blow-past? 
         Blow past is the leakage of combustion gases between piston ring and cylinder liner. These leaked combustion gases will enter the scavenge spaces causing fouling and even scavenge fire in two stroke engine.

Meo Class4 Freshwater Generator And Hydrophore Important Topics

   Fresh Water Generator
   > Fresh water generator diagram principle, Normal parameters(imp)
   > Explain Tube type and plate type freshwater generator, Benefits(Imp)
   > Function of vacuum breaker, Where it is fitted ? (Imp) 

Oily Water Separator (OWS) And Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Important Topics

Oily Water Separator (OWS)
> Principle And working of OWS with the help of diagram(Imp)
> Draw Bilge line from bilge well to overboard
> Starting And Stopping Procedure for OWS